Family Support

We aim to support the whole family of disabled children and young people, including supporting parents and siblings of the child.

Parents and Carers

If you’ve recently been told that your child has a disability or you are working towards a diagnosis it can be really difficult to know what to do next. You’re bound to wonder what that means for you, your family and your child.

There are no easy answers but you are not alone in facing the unknown. Sharing experiences can be a massive help, whether that is with counsellors or with other parents. We appreciate that you’re in a unique position so we won’t try to shoehorn you into any pre-set route. We’re here to listen, help make sense of where you’re at, and to help you find a way forward.

Disabled Children and Young People

All young people deserve to be excited and amazed by what the world has to offer. We see it as a strong part of our role to help the young people we support to recognise more of those opportunities and to grasp them. Nothing should be out of reach in life, but sometimes even the smallest steps can be daunting. We aim to help build skills and confidence, to help young people make that transition from being children to enjoying more independence and responsibility.


There are a lot of amazing experiences that disabled young people share with their siblings but we understand that sometimes it is important to find a sense of your own identity, apart from being someone’s sibling. That is a normal part of growing up for any young person. Experiences outside of the home and with other people can often help a sibling grow in confidence. This enables them to have a richer emotional framework, bringing more back to the family when they are engaged in the home.

Siblings have a unique role and can often offer each other support by talking together about their shared insight and experience, frustrations and celebrations.

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